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Born in Estonia, Europe, we are more than just a health & wellness company ; We are a Socially Responsible EU- startup offering Scientifically Proven, Ethically produced, Cruelty Free & Harsh Chemical Free, impactful Products.


We proudly base ourselves on principles of 5000 year old science of Yoga & its five Yamas. We strive to blend the results from modern science and research with proven ancient science of Yoga to create effective and sustainable things.


Yogasuper is committed to provide ethically produced, Scientifically Proven, Cruelty Free, Harsh Chemical Free,impactful & high value products in as transparent way as possible. We are Alive, like you we too have, dreams, goals and hopes. “We see the Earth and our effect on it. We see others and our effect on them. “We are the real deal, we have everything to show and nothing to hide.”

What makes us happy?

we strongly believe in karma & giving back to this planet, to the underprivileged & we just want to passionately give back as much as possible. The difference between Yogasuper and the other players in the market is that it is built in a way that blends business with the principles of yoga. This adherence to the five Yamas will be demonstrated most visibly in the company’s complete honesty and openness in its PR, marketing, in its internal workings, and in its dealings with all stakeholders.




It will also show up in the company’s absolute commitment to:

doing the most good possible and the least harm;

actively making the world a better place through what it does such as through the improving the vale its products offer;

being actively inclusive and anti-racist, anti-transphobic, anti-sexist, and so on; • sourcing all products ethically and ensuring that everyone in the supply chain is treated well and paid a fair wage for their work;

having a daily gratitude practice including thanking suppliers and customers on a regular basis;

setting limits on your work screen time for staff and setting boundaries around when they can be expected to carry out work-related tasks;

not allowing fearful thinking to be part of the company culture.

Our beliefs: 

Satya or Truth *Karma  *Earth *Giving back * Ethics Cruelty free *shared responsibility * community.

All our products are Vegan or vegetarian,  cruelty free, harsh chemical free and not tested on animals